Dick Bradford holds many titles; each pertaining to an individual skill.

Chartered Engineer

‘Chartered Engineers develop appropriate solutions to engineering problems. They may develop and apply new technologies, promote advanced designs and design methods and introduce new and more efficient production techniques, or pioneer new engineering services and management methods. The title CEng is protected by civil law and is one of the most recognisable international engineering qualifications.’

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Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)

The CIBSE works to:
‘support the Science, Art and Practice of building services engineering, by providing our members and the public with first class information and education services and promoting the spirit of fellowship which guides our work.'

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BRE National Trainer for the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM)

The BRE offers expert advice on how to achieve better buildings, communities and businesses, for the built environment sector and beyond.

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SBEM is a software tool developed by BRE that provides an analysis of a building's energy consumption.

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Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) 2005 On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor & can also deal with the new SAP 2009

New Domestic Construction and alterations to existing buildings must comply with Building Regulations parts L1A and L2A. These require the building’s carbon footprint to be progressively a lesser amount than before the new regulations came into force. The Building Control Authority will not sign off any property without a SAP Certificate. A SAP can only be carried out by an Accredited Assessor; a title belonging to Dick Bradford!

Commercial Buildings Low Carbon Energy Assessor

This role is similar to the one explained above; the only difference being that the assessment is for Non-Domestic Buildings, required under parts L2A and L2B of the Building Regulations.

Low Carbon Consultant under the CIBSE Competent Person Scheme

Low Carbon Consultants are experts in all forms of 'Low and Zero' Carbon Emissions
Technologies; such as Bio Fuels, Wind, Solar & Thermal Power, Heat Pumps, Hydro, etc. They act as a Client Advisor, separating the good suggestions from the bad (often made by individuals with little or no experience), & advise accordingly.

Enterprise Coach

Enterprise Coach for Renewable Technologies Working with the Enterprising Barnsley scheme, Dick can transfer his knowledge on renewable technologies to anyone who requires it, using flexible presentation techniques to illustrate.

Delivering Seminars & Presentations

Dick has spoken at a number of seminars over the years, as well as having given presentations; many on Biomass Technology.

Here are a couple of examples:

Biomass District Heating
Operating Successful Biomass Projects in Barnsley