I am a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, a SAP 2005 On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor, BRE National Trainer for SBEM, Commercial Buildings Low Carbon Energy Assessor and a ‘Low Carbon Consultant’ under the CIBSE Competent Person Scheme.

A Building Services Design Engineer, with over 35 years experience in a senior capacity, I have held the post of Chief Services Engineer with Barnsley MBC for the last 25 Years.

I am a specialist in controls and in their application. One of my earliest achievements after coming to Barnsley was the pioneering on ‘Airless Kindle’ of Solid Fuel Boilers which served to demonstrate that coal could be better and more properly controlled and thereby economic in use. Primary fuel savings around 40% become the norm after my methods were applied.

I have a comprehensive understanding in the use of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) and this played a significant part in reducing BMBC’s Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions by over 50% from the expenditure levels that existed in the mid 1980’s.

Latterly my insistence on using designs utilizing Radiant Panels and Under-floor Heating with conductive screeds (both radiant forms of heating which avoid directly heating air), as a departure from more conventional systems, has produced design solutions that operate better than the Governments ‘Best Practice’ performance criteria.

The focus of my attention latterly has been on the introduction of Biomass Technology as being the answer to many of the problems associated with national energy shortages and the need to make considerable reductions in ‘Greenhouse Gas’ emissions.

Since November 2009 I have established my own Engineering Consultancy to afford me the opportunity of assisting other individuals and organisations also make their contribution towards a lower carbon economy.

Recognition of my work is seen in the Ashden Award 1st Prize for Renewable Energy Generation in June 2006. I also won in two categories at the 2007 Yorkshire and Humberside ‘Micro-generation’ Awards – ‘Best Public Buildings’ and ‘Best Policy’.
In 2007 I was a finalist in the ‘Public Servant of the Year Awards’.

The legacy I have left with Barnsley is the prospect of reaching the Governments 80% carbon reduction target for 2050 by 2013  –  almost 40 years ahead of deadline. The groundwork is also in place to reach carbon neutrality by 2040.

Looking To The Future

By following the path Dick started them on, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council is on track to reaching the Government’s 80% carbon reduction target by 2013 - almost 40 years ahead of the 2050 deadline. Furthermore, the groundwork is in place to reach carbon neutrality by 2040.