As a specialist in controls and in their application, Dick Bradford has many individual achievements that make him stand out above the crowd. Shortly after coming to Barnsley, he pioneered the ‘Airless Kindle’ of Solid Fuel Boilers. This technology demonstrated a better, more economical use of coal and lead to primary fuel savings of around 40%.

Dick has a comprehensive understanding of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), enabling him to help reduce Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council’s energy costs & carbon emissions by over 50%.

Whilst working for the Council, Dick was the architect behind them achieving national lead status for carbon reduction in their buildings portfolio. They saw a 52% reduction from 1990 to 2009.

Heating system designs using Radiant Panels and Under-floor Heating with conductive screeds are both models that avoid directly heating air. It is this use of less conventional heating systems, insisted upon by Dick Bradford, that has lead to design solutions operating better than the Governments ‘Best Practice’ performance criteria.
Lastly, Dick Bradford’s attention has lately been most focused on Biomass Technology, which he brought to Yorkshire in 2004. He believes such technology to be the answer to many problems associated with national energy shortages & Greenhouse Gas emissions.


Ashden Award, 2006
1st Prize for Renewable Energy Generation

Yorkshire & Humberside Micro-Generation Awards, 2007
Won 2 categories: ‘Best Public Buildings’ and ‘Best Policy’

Public Servant of the Year Awards, 2007